Brag about your trip to the Adirondax (Hey! That’s how I choose to spell it.)

ADX Gear is extreme graphic wearables and souvenirs that boast, what I like to call, the Xtreme Adirondax Xperience. The Adirondack lifestyle and experience is more ultimate than to just display ADK. Take it to the next level - the ADX Level!

ADX Gear was designed with the extreme sports enthusiast, weekender and outdoorsman in mind, but with the a lighthearted delivery that demonstrates your uniqueness. You like your activities extreme, so make an extreme statement with your t-shirt, sweat shirt, underwear, or even your coffee mug!

You’re a survivor and you show no fear... get it in gear... ADX Gear!

Featuring the ADX No Fear and ADX Survivor logos!

Let's Go Shopping!

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